2022 Information
4 March 2022

“I Know the Plans I Have
for You”

Writer country: England, Wales & Northern Ireland

Bible Study

Jeremiah 29:1-14

“Ek weet wat Ek vir jou beplan”

Skrywerland: Wallis, Engeland en Noord-Ierland

England, Wales and Northern Ireland are three parts of the United Kingdom (UK), within the group of islands known as the British Isles. Scotland is also part of the United Kingdom, but has its own World Day of Prayer organisation.

Although there is much that we share, we are also diverse, with different languages, cultures and governments.

In many ways we are defined by our coasts, which gives us a damp island climate with mist, rain, seasons and soft light. We are green, crossed by many rivers, which cut across the landscape to form fertile agricultural land, lakes and areas of outstanding natural beauty,

Many of our cities have beautiful ancient buildings, dating back to medieval times, including cathedrals and churches built by our Christian ancestors.

Growing through seafaring, exploration, piracy, trade and colonisation, we were among the first in the world to industrialise, exploiting our own geological resources of coal, slate and tin and, later, those of the countries we colonised. The British Empire saw significant developments in science, maths, medicine and industry.

People have shaped our landscape, first through farming. Livestock grazed on hills, causing large areas of natural woodland to disappear. In the 18thand 19th centuries, some parts of the country were depopulated, as industrialisation drew people from the countryside to growing towns and cities.

The Artwork

This year, the artwork is not a painting, but a beautiful embroidered artwork, made by Angie Fox.

As an Anglican Priest's wife, a love of traditional worship has inspired her in designing and making church vestments. “I have so many memories of organising and participating in WDP services at home and abroad and I love the feeling of togetherness, knowing that, all over the world, the same prayers are being offered in many languages, and cultures, churches and meeting places.”

Artist’s Explanation

Following the theme given, I have used several images to depict the key words as follows:

  • Freedom: an open door to a pathway across an endless open vista

  • Justice: broken chains

  • God’s Peace and Forgiveness: the dove of peace and a peace lily breaking through the pavement

Over all, a rainbow which has come to represent all these things from the story of Noah through to the modern day. It is a symbol of the overreaching love of God.

The Artist

Angie is an embroiderer and vestment designer who has recently received a Certificate of Hand Embroidery from The Royal School of Needlework. Married to an Anglican Priest and having lived in various places (including two times in Papua New Guinea), Angie says she gets ideas for her best designs when she should be listening to her husband’s sermons! Having participated in many WDP services, she is ‘thrilled to be chosen to provide the artwork for her own country’.